$1,495.00 AUD

8HP AWD to RWD Conversion adapter kit

Difficult to find a RWD Transmission with the right specification? Can you only find tons of AWD transmissions?
We are proud to present a world first, we offer now a AWD to RWD conversion adapter kit.

Convert your AWD transmission to RWD in 1 minute, a bolt on conversion kit with everything you need to make it RWD.

Features dual transfer case patterns which means it fits both early and current design of the BMW 8HP transfer cases bolt pattern. ATC13-1 and earlier.

Confirmed fitment to:

8HP70x N57 (1st gen)
8HP75x B57 (2nd gen)
8HP76X B57 (3rd gen) (Not confirmed yet but highly probability as its the same as 8HP75X)
8HP90/95x N73/N74 (2nd gen)

Adapter plates houses a high speed bearing together with a new output flange made of high strength steel SS2541, which holds a dual pattern to fit 1350 Yoke and the Supra MKIV propshaft.

Features several extra holes to be able to build a suitable crossmember bracket.

Everything comes assembled, installed on the transmission in less then a minute.

Adapter plate made out of high quality aliminium, anodized in a natural color to increase scratch resistance and give a premium customer experience. Output flange is made in high strength steel SS2541, same material as our flywheels and other hubs.

The AWD to RWD conversion kits includes:

- AWD to RWD conversion adapter
- High speed RPM bearing
- New output flange, features 1350 Yoke pattern and Supra MKIV propshaft pattern
- Mounting hardware for the conversion adapter, output flange and crossmember bracket.

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