8speed.au 8HP DCT Clutch Emulator - Master Cylinder Replacement Toyota & Nissan Chassis

$845.00 AUD

This is the 8speed.au clutch feel emulator. It is designed to bolt in place of the factory clutch master cylinder. 

It is supplied with mastercylinder replacement flange to suit specific chassis, rod, clevis. 

Please note some vehicles will require a new clevis mount hole in the pedal. This can assist with the factory pedal brackets bending. But also adust the amount of throw the emulator provides. 

*Will not work for a Nissan GTR clutch master cylinder.

**We are no longer providing a linear sensor with the kit due to people requiring different sizes and styles. Most of the ones we installed used a 50mm linear position sensor from Haltech p/n HT-011201. However any linear sensor from any supplier can be used. Depending on roll cage and how much dash board you have left, you may require a longer or different style of sensor. 

Please check the video below to see the emulator in action. 

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