$2,295.00 AUD

CANFormance CANTCU Transmission Controller

CANFormance CANTCU transmission controller for controlling BMW’s 8HP/DCT transmissions.

  • Retains OEM transmission control unit
  • OEM drivability in all driving situations
  • All safety functions working
  • No soldering -> no risk of damaging hardware

Depending on transmission used, unlocking of the immobilizer or custom transmission software might be needed prior to use. The unlocking can be done after installation, remotely and without any extra hardware/software. Please read the CANFormance wiki or contact us at for further information.

Supported transmissions

  • 1st Generation BMW F-Series 8HP transmissions (45/70/90)
  • 2nd Generation BMW F-Series 8HP transmissions (50/75)
  • 2nd Generation BMW G-Series 8HP transmissions (50/75)
  • 2nd Generation BMW F-Series DCT transmissions (GS7D36SG/GS7D70SG)
  • 1st Generation BMW E-Series DCT transmissions (GS7D36SG)

Supported ECUs

  • BMW E6/7/8/9x
  • E46 MS43/EDC16
  • MaxxECU
  • Emtron
  • Motec
  • Haltech
  • ECUMaster

Package Contents

  • CANTCU Control Unit
  • 24-pin Connector and pins
  • USB-A to USB-B cable
  • 4x 120 ohm terminating resistors

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