MaxxECU 8HP (GEN1) cable harness (Dodge 8HP shifter)

$799.95 AUD

MaxxECU 8HP (GEN1) cable harness (Dodge 8HP shifter)

For the 8HP (GEN1) gearbox TCU to be used with MaxxECU 8HP (GEN1) CAN control.

More information

Made to fit the Dodge 8HP (some versions) shifter with the 10-pin connector, if using another CAN shifter, the connector needs to be cut and changed.

The OBD connector is there for future flash/tuning purposes.

1800mm between the shifter and the GT150 connector.

2100mm between the 8HP connector and the GT150 connector.

NOTE: the image shows the DODGE shifter plug.

* MaxxEcu Support Information / Wiring

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