8HP Oil Cooler Adapter - BMW N57 8HP70 AND B58 8HP50 Transmissions

$195.00 AUD

8HP Oil Cooler Adapter for 8HP70 N57 and 8HP50 B58

An updated slimmer and lightweight design to follow the gearbox as close to the body as possible. Converts the gearbox oil outputs to two AN8 threaded output, thread ¾-16.
Use any ORB8 fittings to whatever output your application finds suitable (AN6, AN8, AN10 etc.) We offer high quality AN8 fittings as an option.

Made with high grade alumium and beautifully 5-axis CNC machined gives a smooth and attractive look, no bulky straight lines here 😉 Big bore internal oil passages to ensure maximum flow. Anodizied black and laser engraved for a premium feel and experience. We would like to claim this it the best performing, most lightweight and most beautiful looking oil cooler adapter on the market.

The BMW 8HP70 N57 and 8HP50 B58 has 17 mm oil cooler bores, ofset holes and M6 mounting bolt. Comes with bolt and o-rings, high quality AN8 adapters included.

If you are unsure of the correct sized adapter you need, dont hesitate to contact us.

After 3D scanning a lot of gearboxes we found that almost every gearbox had its own dimensions. Different bore sizes, mounting bolt size, hole of sets, no hole ofset. Not sure what the ZF engineers been up to be honest.

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