$1,849.00 AUD
HPR takes the lead, introducing yet another groundbreaking solution exclusively crafted for the 8HP platform!

Unveiling the 8HP Thermostat Oil Pan—a game-changer designed by HPR!

This kit combines an ultra-low profile billet oil pan with an integrated thermostat  as a complete, convenient solution for any performance application.
A custom designed 8HP cooler adapter is included in the kit and connects the thermostat oil pan together.
With the oil lines relocated to the front of the oil pan connecting cooler lines a lot easier without the need for installing a remote thermostat. The Improved Racing thermostat included in the kit is probably the best engineered thermostat on the market and comes with a lifetime warranty.
Engineered with precision and innovation, this kit makes a premium solution for customers  seeking the best for their 8HP.
The oil pan have a 45% increased oil capacity over the stock oil pan, and is the lowest build height pan on the market.

Fits all generation 8HP transmissions from BMW (8HP45/50/51/70/75/76)

Included in the kit
  • Billet oil pan kit
  • Stainless steel heat shield
  • Filter kit
  • Improved Racing thermostat
  • Transmission cooler adapter
  • Viton seal kit for small and large cooler ports
  • AN8 port adapters
  • Cutting template for flange clearance
  • Stainless steel hardware, drain plug and viton seals for all components


Trimming of the transmission flange is required to clear the thermostat. A cutting template is included in the kit for clearance. 

Additional thermostat info

The thermostat opens up about 10c lower than most OEM thermostats, giving you better control of your transmission temps.

  • The typical stabilization temp is 74C (165F)
  • Activation temp is 71C (160F)
  • Full flow temp is 83C (181F)

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