$499.95 AUD

HPR ultraflex DCT transmission mount 2.0


One of our best sellers just got better!

The Revision 2.0 mount-kit are CNC machined out of one-piece high grade billet aluminium, and is both ligher and stronger than the previous model.
Countersunk holes with low profile installation hardware makes the mount even more flexible.


Rubber mounts angle

We do not offer the mount kit with the OEM 20 degree angle anymore, as testing has found no practical difference between angleded and straight mounts.
The "straight down" design allows easier crossmember fabrication.


Fits both the OEM BMW rubber mount and our own rubber mounts.
We reccommend to use our own mounts as they have far better support than the oem mounts without any sacrifice in comfort.

The HPR exhaust speed sensor bracket is designed to fit all revisions of the HPR rear mount kits, both for 8HP and DCT.

CNC laser cut out of Stainless steel.

A great and easy solution for adding an external speed sensor or a exhaust hanger.

  • HPR Billet mount plate

  • 60A rubber mounts

  • Stainless steel Exhaust/Speed sensor bracket
  • Laser printed torque specs for ease of installation

  • Spacers and installation hardware included

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