JZ - LS Alternator Relocation Kit

$915.00 AUD

This kit allows the fitment of LS1 style alternators to the JZ engine family by relocating the alternator to the intake side (away from alternator killing turbo manifold heat) and deleting the air conditioner compressor whilst maintaining mounting points for the OE power steering pump.

This kit comes with all hardware required to fit and is machined from 6061-t6 aluminium to ensure long term strength and reliability.

There is an add on kit available if you wish to delete your OE power steering pump for those who use EPAS or Astra pump etc.

This kit was designed around a factory engine, we have tried to accommodate most common modifications in our design but we can not guarantee that this unit will work with all modifications.

We will have belts sizes available as soon as we confirm all variant sizing.

The belt lengths specified below are based on our testing with the pulleys specified.

OE Balancer / OE LS1 Alternator pulley select TBA

ATI Balancer/ OE LS1 Alternator pulley select TBA

Ross Balancer / OE LS1 Alternator pulley 6PK1615

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