MaxxECU PDM20 with accessories

$3,359.90 AUD

MaxxECU PDM20 with accessories

 To get all functions, you need to complete with harness 2 (knock, E-Throttle etc).

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    The MaxxECU PDM20 is an advanced Power Distribution Module for MaxxECU units and is designed to replace fuses and relays in a modern way.

    • Max 230A.
    • 20 outputs (8x25A, 8x15A, 4x8A).
    • 7 digital / analog (0-24V) inputs.
    • All outputs can be PWM controlled.
    • Dedicated +5V power supply and sensor ground.
    • CAN bus for communication and setup management with MaxxECU MTune PC software.
    • Overcurrent protected adjustable levels with automatic restart with soft start option.
    • Warning levels for under / over currents.
    • Works with all MaxxECU devices.
    • Error code handling.
    • Support for CAN keypads.
    • Built-in energy saving mode that draws only 0.004A.
    • For high loads, outputs are connected in parallel.


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