MaxxECU STREET PREMIUM PACKAGE (ECU, harnesses, accessories and LSU 4.2)

$2,139.90 AUD

MaxxECU SPORT PREMIUM (ECU, harnesses, accessories and LSU 4.2)


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MaxxECU STREET, based on our market leading MaxxECU V1 and uses the same easy to use, yet powerful MTune software. Fast Facts:

  • Controls up to 6 cylinders sequentially (12 in wasted spark).
  • Built-in 400kPa MAP-sensor.
  • Wideband lambda directly into MaxxECU without external electronics.
  • Fast and reliable USB PC-communication.
  • 2 trigger inputs.
  • IAT, TPS, CLT analog inputs.
  • Built-in wideband (LSU 4.2 or 4.9).
  • Built-in 400kPa MAP-sensor.
  • 4 extra analog inputs.
  • 2 extra digital inputs.
  • 6 injector outputs (high impedance only).
  • 6 ignition outputs (no internal amplifiers).
  • 4 extra flexible outputs (GPO).
  • MTune PC-software with USB connection.
  • Superfast Cortex M3 120Mhz main processor.


    Products Included In This Package


    alt title
    alt title

    1 x 1763 MaxxECU STREET Cable Harness

    alt title

    1 x 107
Lambda Sensor Bosch wideband lambda LSU 4.2


    alt title

    1 x 894
Connector 6-way socket housing (LSU 4.2 wideband sensor)


    alt title

    1 x 927
Connector 12-way socket housing GT150 (fits MaxxECU harness)


    alt title

    1 x 924
MaxxECU USB PC cable 1.5m (STREET/V1/RACE)


    alt title

    1 x 928
MaxxECU hose kit (MAP sensor incl nipples)


    alt title

    2 x 1235
MaxxECU sticker


    alt title
    1 x 1852
MaxxECU Quick Guide (English)


    alt title



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