Nissan S14A/S15 SR20 (short) MaxxECU RACE Plugin EXTRA

$3,469.90 AUD

Nissan S14A/S15 SR20 (short) MaxxECU STREET Plugin EXTRA


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MaxxECU RACE is flexible, reliable and fast. MaxxECU will give you full engine control!

  • 8 built-in exhaust temperature (type-k) amplifiers (requires secondary cable harness)
  • Built-in 400kPa(3bar boost) MAP-sensor
  • Fast and reliable USB PC-communication
  • Android MDash app wireless BT-communication as dash
  • Stock MAF-sensor can be removed (if exist) and replaced with MaxxECU internal MAP sensor
  • Control orginal idle solenoid, AC, tachometer and other original equipment*
  • Fuel injectors can be replaced with optional high or low ohm
  • Stock lambdasensor(s) must be removed and replaced with included LSU 4.2 wideband oxygen sensor
  • No change in the vehicle's original system needs to be done*
  • More information on feature list of the plugin solution available here.

* See technical documentation. - Here


      Products Included In This Package


      alt title


      alt title

      1 x 1459 MaxxECU Plugin Adapter - Nissan S14a/S15 SR20 (64 Pin)


      1 x 947 MaxxECU Plugin Lambda Harness (16 Pin)

      alt title

      1 x 107
Lambda Sensor Bosch wideband lambda LSU 4.2


      alt title

      1 x 894
Connector 6-way socket housing (LSU 4.2 wideband sensor)


      alt title

      1 x 1225 Connector 3-Pin Housing Superseal


      alt title

      1 x 924
MaxxECU USB PC cable 1.5m (STREET/V1/RACE)


      alt title

      1 x 928
MaxxECU hose kit (MAP sensor incl nipples)


      alt title

      2 x 1235
MaxxECU sticker


      alt title
      1 x 1852
MaxxECU Quick Guide (English)




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