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HPR cam baffle plate
The HPR cam baffle plate is especially designed to separate oil lubrication and air blowby in order maximize oil damp separation before it exits the head. CFD tested with blowby simulation of a RB head under full boost/RPM conditions.

The covered section you see at the end of our baffle kit greatly reduces the flow under the baffle, forcing the blowby to go on top of the plate.
Forcing blowby on top of the covers reduces the oil going up to the covers, and all the surface area on top of baffle and inside the cover separates oil from the air as an added bonus.

This kit is ideal for use with both OEM RB covers and aftermarket covers 

RB cam-stud kit
Designed to be used on cam lift profiles up to 12.00mm lift and 10,000 RPM.The studs feature maximized thread engagement in the head for increased overall strength.
The total height is also reduced in order to get the needed clearance to the covers.The studs are made of high tensile strength material that supersedes Grade 5 titanium. (12.9 class)

The stud-kit will fit both our G-mod covers and the OEM covers.

Fits all RB applications including HKS V-cam

In the box

  • 2X HPR Cam baffle plates
  • 28x HPR Cam Studs
  • 56x flange nuts 
  • Printed Installation guidelines


Minor trimming needed for sensor with HKS V-cam

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