$1,169.00 AUD

The HPR G-mod timing cover for RB25 is out!

This trick design uses a low profile NVCS cover together with a slightly stretched cover to give you a true RB26 look and feel.

The stretched design makes the RB engine look even beefier than how it looks like stock! 

The cover is CNC machined out of 6061 billet aluminum and media blasted, and anodized black to match the OE black color for the R32/33 series. 

The cover can also be painted to whatever color preference you may have.

The finish and fitment of these covers are second to none, and they are packed with improvements over the original covers:

  • Low profile 7075 NVCS cover with viton seal and high tensile bolts
  • Extended bottom skirt to match taller deck RB30 blocks
  • Threaded tabs for cooler pipe in front is deleted
  • Rear section redesigned to reduce air gap between covers
  • OE hardware design delete
  • Machined o-ring groove to seal against backing plate
  • Soft EPDM o-ring included
  • Comes with stainless steel hardware and nylon washers 

Fits all RB25DET heads with 4 bolt NVCS design
The single bolt NVCS found on NEO has not confirmed fitment yet.

Bottom steel section needs to be trimmed for short deck blocks.

Note for NEO owners:
Center nut of NVCS needs to be trimmed down 1mm to allow clearance to the cover.

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