Toyota Auto Trans Emulator Module - 8HP SWAP With Stock Engine ECU

$279.95 AUD

ATEMU simulates most critical features of particular Toyota / Lexus auto transmissions which were available for 1HD / UZ / JZ equipped vehicles since 1998.

This makes it possible to obtain rated power from engine when using factory ECU and any transmission other than that ECU is designed to work with.

The factory ECU would otherwise enter limp home mode with significant power and torque loss (for example, VVTi set to max retard for 1997-2000 Lexus LS400). 1HD-FTE would limit boost and injection.

Some non-critical error codes remain intact for simplicity of installation and reducing the cost for off-road application. These codes can be easily addressed with additional components if emission test has to be passed for street legal application.


-Gets rid of Transmission related CEL's
-Restores throttle response
-Restores lack of torque
-Restores delayed power delivery when shifting

This works by emulating the speed sensors and solenoids in the factory auto transmissions. The engine ECU still thinks it is controlling the transmission and the ATEMU gives the engine ECU data to ensure it is never in a reduced power state. 

Will work for both 4 and 5 speed Toyota Automatics

Wiring Instructions - here

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