Toyota Landcruiser 76 78 VDJ79 SERIES 8 Speed Auto Conversion

$23,950.00 AUD


8 Speed Auto Swap Kit For VDJ 76 78 79 Series V8 Turbo Diesel Models

If you havent seen the youtube videos yet, checkout the playlist here - Full Conversion Playlist

Now with over 6 months of development time we have made a number of changes to the kit and how its offered. The main change that will impact driveability is, we are no longer offering the race style sequential shifter as an option. This doesnt mean you can't fit one of these shifters in your own time down the track. But we have decided that for vehicles driven frequently its simply not the right option. The race shifter is great for rowing gears, but no so great for shunting in a car park.


DIY kits are not available, this must be installed by us or one of our installers. We currently have installers located, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Mackay, Newcastle, Melbourne and Perth. Please use the contact form if you would like to contact an installer in a specific area.

The base kit is supplied with the items listed below also as per this video - Youtube Link

There are now 4 optional extras for you too choose from. Which you can add to the cart with this base kit.

     Optional Extra 1: The centre console. We currently have a reinforced version of the Pittman 4x4 console available. This is not the same as thier other consoles it has been made to our specification with a stronger section around the shifter to ensure strength where its needed. We have options for different chassis. Link to the console here - Automatic Console Options WE CAN NOT MODIFY YOUR EXISITING CONSOLE, SO IF NOT ORDERING ONE, PLEASE ENSURE YOUR CONSOLE WILL BE READY FOR A 8SPEED GEAR SHIFTER

     Optional Extra 2: Cruise Control. Vehicles fitted with factory cruise control will require an aftermarket cruise control module. This is to bypass the factory ECU's clutch slip detection. However, if you have an earlier model vehicle with out cruise control you can also option the cruise control to be supplied with your 8speed kit. Link here - Cruise Control Modules

     Optional Extra 3: New modified transfer case gear. As explained in the above video, a cruical part of being able to maintain the factory rear tail shaft length and not need to shorten it, is getting the transfer case as close to the 8 speed transmission as possible, one part of us being able to do that is modifying the inlet on the transfer case input gear. Kits fitted by us do not require this option as we will modify your existing gear. However if you are fitting the kit yourself or even getting a shop to do it, this means it can be done with out needing to visit a machine shop. YOU WILL LIKELY NEED THIS IF WE ARE NOT FITTING THE KIT. - New Transfer Case Gear

      Optional Extra 4: Transmission Reconditioning Or Upgrade. The base kit is supplied with a used 8HP transmission with a 90 day warranty. The warranty is not a warranty like you get on a new part is purely to ensure the supplied used transmission is in good working order at the time of installation. If you are planning trips accross Australia or running high power setups a reconditioned or upgraded transmission may be of interest for added peice of mind. - Transmission Upgrade Options

This kit includes the following:

BMW ZF 8hp70X - Used Transmission Inspected & Prepared For Our TCU

Billet Engine Transmission Adaptor

New Weighted Flywheel To Suit Converter Adapter & Bell Housing

Billet Flywheel Adapter to suit 8HP Torque Convertor

Converter To Crank Spigot

Billet Transfer Case Adaptor

Presicion Machined & Heat Treated Transfer Case Adaptor Shaft

Transfer Case Shifter Mount Plate

Transfer Case Mount

Transfer Case Mount To Crossmember Adaptor

TurboLamik TCU 2.0

TCU Map File To Suit Your Application (3 Driving Modes)

TCU VDJ 79 Wiring Harness

TCU Display Screen

Motorsport Grade Transmission Fluid Thermostat

OEM Style Canbus Connected Shifter Assembly

OEM Shifter Assembly Mounting Bracket 

Billet Shifter Trim Plate

Manual Shifter Floor Block Off Plate

Billet Transmission Cooler Adapter

Motorsport Grade Transmission Fluid Thermostat

Thermostat Mount

Transmission Cooler

Cooler Brackets To Suit Standard Bumper, ARB & TJM Bullbars (Can be modified, trimmed etc to suit many other applications)

Clutch Switch Block Off

New Transmission Oil Pan Filter

Breather Setup For Transmission & Transfer Case

You will need transfer case oil and transmission fluid, this is readily available from a local parts store, we will assist with what to use.

This kit is designed to be fitted to a standard vehicle so modifications to certain parts of the kit may be required when fitting to a modified vehicle.

While we do our best to make the kit suit all modifcations or work around modifications as best we can, some long range tanks do have clearance issues with the transfer case and tail shaft and we do not recomend centrally positioned long range tanks to be used with this kit. If you have a long range tank it may require custom brackets to allow a few mm extra clearance, this is not something we can help with.

Orders will be processed based on the payment date. We require payment to be made in full with in 5 business days of the order being placed to lock in a spot. First come first served.

PAYMENT: Bank Deposit is preffered. Details at the checkout. Order to be paid in full only, no part payments via transfer without prior arrangements. Credit card is available at the checkout.

WAIT TIMES: Expected installation availability April 2024

INSTALLATION: Purchasing this does not include installation. Please notify us in the notes section at the checkout if you would like to have the kit installed here. Install costs start at $3500 for a completely standard vehicle.

SHIPPING: Currently we are not shipping orders out to private addresses. You will need to bring your Landcruiser to us or a reseller for installation.

CONTACT: We will be in contact with in the next 5 business days to confirm any options and the full details about your vehicle.

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